TOEFL Junior® - Standard

It's live from CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at “Grand Carrefour de l’Indenié (Corniche)”, opposite CIE, Immeuble BIA, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. You confide in us; we take care of you very well! Infoline: (+225) 25 20 00 10 50 / 07 07 24 95 25 / 01 42 42 22 42.

Academic English test for 11/15-year old. This certification is a proof of competence in listening comprehension, syntax and grammar, and reading comprehension from beginner to independent levels (CEFR levels A2 to B2). The test lasts 1 hour and 55 minutes. It is a paper-based MCQ test.

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Feel free to register at any time. As soon as we reach a quorum of three (3) candidates, you take the exams. To connect to the test dates program, please connect to the CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL facebook page for free. Click on:; then click on "Like." Our regular programs will appear directly on your facebook page. Thank you for your attention.

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