Preparatory Level (Level A1)

This course is strictly designed for those who have never touched English in their lives. It is English in Kindergarten and it is the preparatory class for learning English. CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL puts English on the learner's tongue. The training is mainly geared toward reading readiness.

What actually happens at this level?

As you know, English is a living language that evolves. To be able to speak it better, it is necessary to master the pronunciation of letters, vowels and consonants sounds. In CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we teach students of this level the pronunciation of words and letters in both British and American English. We also teach them reading skills.

At the end of the training, the students can say a few words in English. They are able to understand their co-speakers. They manage to answer questions as best they can, even though they often struggle hard to find the meaning of difficult words.

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Beginner Level (A2 + B1)

This course comprises students who have received preparatory courses; that is, English in kindergarten. It is the First Grade for English Learning. Here, CIAL International School develops English on the learner's tongue. The courses focus on the word and its etymology, on the verb and all its components; on the sentence, on grammar ... and draws much more on pronunciation: the stress of intensity and the stress of emphasis.

At this level, students are taught and master all regular and irregular verbs and know how to use them in a sentence. Grammar lessons are used as a support.

With an additional illustrated book offered to students at this level, the lessons focus on different events and realities of life. Students are sufficiently equipped to understand and answer all kinds of questions that are asked to them. With a set of exercises containing many grammatical structures, they easily get their ticket to the intermediate level.

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Intermediate Level (B1 + B2)

This course is taken by those who have already tasted English once even if it is a hundred years ago. They can read but don't understand much! When you speak English to them, they seem to understand but they can't answer, because their vocabulary is still very poor. They are the ones who are numerous here. CIAL International School provides them with a rich course supplemented by a reading and speaking program.

First method: reading and speaking program.

We have noticed that our students speak English through their mother tongue. To remove this handicap, we designed an extensive reading program. It is necessary to read; but it is not enough to read: you have to read well. But it is not enough to read well: you have to understand. It is not enough to understand: you must be able to pass on what you have read and what you have understood. At the end of the reading and speaking program, we move on to silent listening of the text under study. This course is very rich and beneficial for its content and helps the students to get rid of stress and shyness.

Second method: Actual courses.

The lessons are prepared and placed in boxes in front of each student. After the reading and speaking program, students pick up the lesson from the boxes and follow it carefully with the instructor. At the end of the course, students leave with the course. In CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, students do not copy.

Thus, at the end of the training, students are able to speak English elegantly. Since they have been well prepared in advance during their training and have a very solid background, students are able to present a topic that is assigned to them. This additional phase allows them to get confidence in the knowledge they have acquired in the firm, to express themselves and to completely get rid of uncertainty, shame and shyness.

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Professional Level (C1 + C2)

It is a selective level. Students are only admitted if they have completed their intermediate level training with us. For those who come from elsewhere, they take an aptitude test to be admitted.

Candidates at this level are expected to master grammar and to have a maximum of vocabulary. The course is much more geared towards oral expression and the mastery of rhetoric.

At the end of this training, students are able to easily take the TOEFL or TOEIC test.

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Private Courses

Private courses are door-to-door English courses. These courses are for Abidjan residents and people living in the suburbs, namely Anyama, Bingerville and Grand-Bassam. These courses take place at the learner's home, office or in a safe place indicated by the learner. In order to register for this course, you must be available, so that we do not have to travel unnecessarily.

You need to get in touch with CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and we will try to first determine your language level. Then you should register with us and give us a brief description of where the course will be held. We thus assess the needs of your training and assign you a teacher.

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Correspondence Courses

CIAL International School's English correspondence courses allow people who are far from Abidjan to follow remote training courses and to work in perfect conditions wherever they want, in order to improve more quickly. Remote training helps, especially in the professional context, to master a subject or a field of competence in the language.

Our correspondence courses will help you take your time to answer the questions you will be faced with. So, you need to ask yourself the right questions in order to choose your remote learning option and correspondence courses, the first of which is whether you have the nerve to focus on anything.

Our remote training courses offer you professional, progressive and special training.

To be able to take correspondence courses with CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, you must be registered and have a registration number. With your registration number and password, you can easily follow the courses from where you are. Those who do not have access to the internet can send us their mailing address. We will be able to respond to their concerns.

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