Linguistic and tourist trips

CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL informs its students, visitors, and all those interested in the English language that it organizes linguistic and tourist trips to English-speaking countries with the aim of deepening and improving the learning of English for its students and all those who wish to try their hand at this language.

I. The linguistic character of these trips

As you know, Côte d'Ivoire is a French-speaking country; and staying there to express themselves well in English is difficult for listeners and those who wish to improve in this language. So, these trips will allow listeners to confront the 'native speakers' (native English speakers). They will be faced with the reality of the language. They will be able to express themselves in English with English-speaking students and through these exchanges improve their expression, and adapt to the native accent.

II. The tourist character of these trips

These trips will also allow all those who do not know the English-speaking world (facts and realities) to discover its architectural and cultural beauty, its habits and customs ... Visitors will have to visit some cities and major sites tourism, according to the program recommended initially.

III. Dates and destinations

Our trips take place in summer to several foreign destinations. Travel costs are determined by the Linguistic Travel Organizing Committee (COVL) of CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

For more information, you are invited to contact our Institution. In addition, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL often organizes linguistic and relaxation outings in Ivory Coast with its Students. Destinations vary from group to group and are of short duration. For example, we can leave Abidjan for Assinie… for a period of 6-8 hours.



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