French Language Proficiency Test

It's live from CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at “Grand Carrefour de l’Indenié (Corniche)”, opposite CIE, Immeuble BIA, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. You confide in us; we take care of you very well! Infoline: (+225) 25 20 00 10 50 / 07 07 24 95 25 / 01 42 42 22 42.

The Test de Français International (TFI) is a certification of French language level for non-native speakers of French.

The results of the Test de Français International (TFI) reflect candidates' ability to communicate in French in professional and academic environments from beginner to advanced levels (CEFR A2 to C1). The Test de Français International (TFI) assesses candidates' ability to:

Participate in face-to-face communication, meetings, video conferences, podcasts, and telephone conversations with colleagues and clients.

Read e-mails, reports, newsletters, and other forms of routine business correspondence.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE TFI TEST: The TFI test is no longer on the list of accepted tests for naturalization.

The Test de Français International (TFI) is a timed multiple-choice paper-based assessment. There are two sections of 90 questions each.

Section I: Listening comprehension

Candidates listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in French and then answer questions about what they heard. This section comprises three parts:

Part 1: question-answer

Part 2: dialogues

Part 3: conversations

Section II: reading comprehension

Candidates read different documents and then answer questions about what they have read. This section consists of three parts:

Part 4: error identification

Part 5: incomplete sentences

Part 6: reading comprehension

Duration of the test

The test takes virtually 2 hours and half with:

42 minutes for section I

68 minutes for section II

Approximately30 minutes before the start of the test to answer administrative questions.

For more information on the TEST DE FRANÇAIS INTERNATIONAL (TFI), please

The exam dates for the Test de Français International (TFI) in CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in COTE D'IVOIRE (ABIDJAN) are available on

Feel free to register at any time. As soon as we reach a quorum of three (3) candidates, you take the exams.

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