We are very pleased to welcome you to the official website of CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. We are very honored by the confidence you have shown in us by choosing our institution for your training.

Training is like a round robin race. You have to get off to a good start and know how to pace yourself so you don't fall off in the middle of the race. How to support the rhythm of the race when you don't know everything about the course? - Information is often difficult to access, which can put off the less hardy. We have therefore created this site to ensure the fluidity of our information on our various courses. Without being exhaustive, it will allow you to get more information on the essential questions you may have about our different levels of training and our different services.

Did you know that? A language is a window to a culture. Learning a language also allows you to broaden your vision of the world. You will not only learn a language but also the keys to understand other cultures, for better cultural, professional and personal exchanges.  Speaking and understanding a language (in this case, English) is part of the criteria of the new generations. Today, English is the language of international communication, and to be internationally successful, it is essential to speak English.

Since 2006, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been providing world-class instruction in languages and then become a top-level training centre in COTE D’IVOIRE. As we always try our best helping our students master their chosen languages with care, compassion, and individual attention, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL becomes a very strong regional attraction site. It is therefore with great satisfaction that the Institution responds to the need for language training and capacity building of the general public wherever they may be.

To all of you (students and parents), we make suggestions on how best to support the general public. Clearly, the battle for success is not an individual one, but a collective one.

This site purports to be and remains a crossroads of exchange of ideas, mutual experiences, because we are only human because we can communicate, speak and make ourselves understood, otherwise we will suffocate.

CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was founded in 2006 by its Founding Executive Director, NESTOR ASSIDENOU inside the National Library of Cote d’Ivoire.

Approved by FDFP (Vocational Training Development Fund) and certified in 2012 by ETS (Educational Testing System, the American founding body of the TOEFL iBT based in Princeton, New Jersey, United States which develops, administers and rates the centers all over the world), CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a language training institution and official center for international exams and preparations. Here is an account of its ascent.

On Monday, March 3, 2014, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL welcomed the Sales Manager of ETS Global at its registered office for the TOEIC tests, the Test de Français International and fourteen (14) other tests. Since October 20, 2015, in addition to TOEFL iBT, Students have been allowed to register for sixteen (16) other international tests.

In January 2018, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was trusted by ETS (Educational Testing System in Princeton (USA)) and thus became the First (1st) Institution to host the Graduate Record Examination (GRE iBT) in COTE D'IVOIRE. This additional test similar to the TOEFL iBT test measures  your command of basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis as well as college-level vocabulary. It is used by universities as a reliable tool to compare the performance of applicants. More importantly, it measures your ability to analyze and evaluate written material, think critically, and solve problems

Two months later (March 20, 2018), CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL was trusted by the BRITISH COUNCIL and thus became an official Partner of BRITISH COUNCIL for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tests.

Thus, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL officially became a center of eighteen (18) international tests.

Located at the “Grand Carrefour de l’Indenié (Corniche)” – Opposite CIE, Immeuble BIA, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL offers, in addition to certified translations, interpreting services to anybody. The center also organizes linguistic trips / outings for the general public. The languages ​​used so far are English, German, French and Spanish,

While constantly ensuring that students get the most out of training programs, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is deeply concerned with providing them with quality training. Although language training is ourcore business, our range of services center around verbal communication in intercultural and international contexts.


Our vision: help students achieve their goals through careful collaboration in order to provide the best possible service

Our mission: performance at all levels

Our values: Enthusiasm, Improvement, Attentiveness, Openness, Respect, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Efficiency, Adaptation.

Our motto: Punctuality, Rigor, Labor


In order to organize its training courses, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has rooms well equipped with first-class infrastructure, in particular:

v  Fifteen (15) laptops

v  Ten (10) most recent tablets specially designed for communication

v  One (1) LCD MultimediaProjector

v  Two (2) Multi-function printers: print / scan and photocopy with 6 other HP printers

v  Three (3) 'hpLazerJet 4200/4300 series' printers with high capacity white / black printing

v  One (1) 'hpColor LaserJet P2025 series' printer with high capacity color printing

v  Two (2) 'Comb Binding Machine'

v  A series of recent, diversified and comprehensive documents

v  40 most recent computers equipped with headphones

v  Five (5) Samsung & JVC brand mini-channels with two Philips brand speakers each

v  Six (6) Sony DVD-LBUP9S special audio players

v  Several books with several audio cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs.

v  One (1) digital device

The above are supplemented by the TOEFL iBT test materials sent by ETS (EducationalTesting System) from the USA. They comprise:


v  60 Head phones.

v  2 Webcams

v  1 Hand-Help MetalDetectingWand

v  3 MarpacDohm-DS WNM 240V EU

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Students will first take a mandatory English test lasting 2 hours. Only the result will help us assess the level of each student.

The learning process will be conducted through lectures, discussions or debates, presentations and round tables on current topics.

Of course, a class session lasts two (02) hours, which means a minimum of twenty-five (25) learning sessions per level. You will be taught technical English as well. Therefore, each student will have 80 course hours, which means three 2-hour sessions per week.

The methodology comprises reading with phonetics, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, conjugation, commenting, writing and speaking. This methodology will be adapted to the level of the student. The training is deepened and certified at the end of the course.

Concerning general training

CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL courses last two hours (2h) per session. As a student or trainee, you must be available to attend classes on time, according to your schedule.

We have two main methods for each class session. Method 1 comprises three phases (Reading and Comprehension / Commentary / Listening). Method 2 comprises only one phase: the actual classes.

Method 1

First phase: Reading

At this level, students are taught the best way to read, the best way to pronounce words by applying stresses for emphasis and intensity. During the reading class, CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL provides you with a vocabulary on your table for each class.

Phase Two: Commenting on the text

It is not enough to just read. You have to understand. But it's not enough to understand: you have to convey what you have read and understood. This is commenting.

Third phase: Listening

In this phase, the Listener silently follows what he has just read, in order to learn how the word is pronounced.

Method 2: Lessons

Lessons are prepared and put in the box in front of you. After reading, commenting and listening, you take the lesson from the box and follow it carefully. At the end of the course, you leave with it. In CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL you do not copy as you would in a grammar school or in a university lecture hall.

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