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Spanish - Correspondence courses

CIAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL'S Spanish correspondence courses helps people who are far from Abidjan to follow remote training courses and to work in perfect conditions wherever they want, in order to improve more quickly.


Spanish - Private Courses

Private courses are door-to-door Spanish courses. These courses are for Abidjan residents and people living in the suburbs, namely Anyama, Bingerville and Grand-Bassam.


Spanish - Professional level (C1 + C2)

It is a selective level. Students are only admitted if they have completed their intermediate level training with us. For those who come from elsewhere, they take an aptitude test to be admitted.


Spanish - Intermediate level (B1 + B2)

This course is taken by those who have already tasted Spanish once even if it is a hundred years ago. They can read but don't understand much! When you speak Spanish to them, they seem to understand but they can't answer, because their vocabulary is still very poor.


Spanish - Beginner level (A2 + B1)

This course comprises students who have received preparatory courses; that is, Spanish in kindergarten. It is the First Grade for Spanish Learning.


Spanish - Preparatory level (A1)

This course is strictly designed for those who have never touched Spanish in their lives. It is Spanish in Kindergarten and it is the preparatory class for learning Spanish.